Troubleshoot errors in Zapier

Zapier works by connecting to your apps and services to receive and send data. When an app's server responds to a request from Zapier, a HTTP status code is sent to Zapier. You might see an error code when you create a Zap or look at your Zap history.

Email could not be sent to Gmail

General troubleshooting tips

Take these steps to troubleshoot errors you encounter in Zapier:

  • Check that all Zap fields are entered correctly. For example, check that you're using the right data formats and all required fields are filled.
  • Check your app connection and account permissions. Confirm that your app account has been connected properly to Zapier and that you have the required permissions for the Zap to work.
  • Read the app help docs. In Zapier's App Directory, find the app you’re having an issue with and go to the Help tab to find solutions to common problems.
  • Find a solution in our Community. Browse the Zapier Community for questions and answers.

Types of error codes

HTTP status codes that begin with a 4 or 5 (401, 504, etc.) are error codes.

400-series error codes

Error codes between 400 and 499 are client errors, which happen when the error occurs on Zapier’s end.

500-series error codes

Error codes in the 500 series are server errors, which happen when an app’s server is down or experiencing other issues.

Other error codes

Occasionally, you might see a status code not included in the list above. These are non-standard status codes and are likely specific to the app you’re connecting to Zapier. If you encounter one of these errors, it’s recommended to reach out to the app’s support team for assistance.

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