Fix "Required field is empty" errors in Zaps

Most action apps will have required fields, which indicate that data must be selected or entered into the field in order for Zapier to perform that action. If a required field is empty, you will likely get an error.

In this example, although we’ve selected a “Board” and “List,” we’ve still left the required field “Name” empty.

1. Insert data from previous steps

It’s important that a required field is not left empty, and most commonly, you’ll want to insert data from your trigger step or previous action step.

To learn how to set up an action step and insert values from previous steps into your fields, check out this guide).

In our Trello example, we’ve clicked the dropdown beside the “Name” field and selected the “Subject” field from the trigger step.

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Although you could manually type in text into the required field, this is not recommended, unless you want that exact same text to always be sent to your action app. For our Trello example, if we had typed “This is a Card” into the “Name” field, all future cards created by this action will always have the name "This is a Card."

2. Check to see if data is always coming through from the previous step

Sometimes, when a Zap runs, you’ll still see an error message that a required field is missing, even though you’ve already inserted a value for that field.

If this is the case, it’s possible that the value you selected from the trigger or previous action step isn't being consistently passed on by the app. That means that, sometimes, when the Zap runs, the required field would be blank.

This can happen if the value from the trigger or previous action step is optional. One way around this is to double-check that the value you’ve selected will consistently be sent by the app. Ideally, the value will be a required field that will always get sent by the app.

actionEdit icon Example

Let's say your trigger is a form submission where people filled out a form with their name, email address, and preference for cats vs. dogs. You want to send each respondent an email, so the required field in the acton step is email address. If someone doesn't fill out their email address in the form, you'll get an error when the Zap runs. To fix this, you'll need to be sure the email address question on the form is required so that it's always filled in.

3. Use a Formatter step

In some cases, it might not be possible to use a value that always exists. One way around this is to add a Formatter step to your Zap, using the “Default Value” option to create a fallback for fields that may not always be provided by your trigger step or previous action steps.

Learn how to use Default Value here.

4. Use Filters or Paths

Another solution is to create a Zap for each of the two outcomes by adding a Filter step to those Zaps. Here’s a guide on using Filters for this workaround.

For accounts on the Professional Plan and above, instead of creating a Zap for each outcome, a single Zap can be set up to accommodate the different outcomes by adding Paths for each route. Here’s a guide on setting up Paths.

If the error persists, contact Zapier support.

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