Fix "Required field is empty" errors in Zaps

Most action apps will have required fields, which require you to select or enter data. If a required field is empty, your Zap will error. 


Insert data from previous steps

One way you can send data to a required field is by mapping fields.


Check to see if data is always coming through from the previous step

Sometimes, when a Zap runs, you’ll still see an error message that a required field is missing, even though it's mapped to a field from a previous step.

Sometimes, this can occur if the trigger or previous action step doesn't always have a value. This can happen if the mapped field is optional. When possible, only map required fields to another required field.


Use a default value

You can use a Formatter step to add a default value as a fallback whenever your mapped fields don't send data.


Use Filters or Paths

You can use conditional logic using the Filters or Paths tools to set up conditions for what the Zap should do if no value is sent to your required field.

If the error persists, contact Zapier support.

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