View and manage your Zap history

Zap history displays a log of all Zaps that have run. You can use it to review your account task usage and troubleshoot Zaps. It consists of two parts: Zap runs and task usage.


Transfers also appear in your Zap history. Learn more about viewing and managing your Transfer history.


Zap runs

Zapier records info about each Zap run that occurs. You can view Zap runs from the Zap history page or from within the Zap editor

Review Zap runs from the Zap history page Review Zap runs in the Zap editor

Review Zap runs from the Zap history page

In the Zap history page, the Zap runs tab displays up to 10 Zap runs per page. Each Zap run in the list displays the Zap run status so you can see whether your Zap ran successfully or not. Search for specific Zaps in the search box or filter Zap runs by the:

  • Date.
  • Zap name.
  • Apps used in Zap.
  • Folder Zap is located in.
  • Zap owner.
  • Zap status.

The Zap history page will display your selected filters as buttons below the filter fields. You can remove a filter by clicking its button.

Select a Zap run from the list to view its Zap run details.

  • To delete Zap runs, select the checkboxes next to each one your want to delete. A Delete X button will appear, where “X” indicates the number of selected Zap runs. Click Delete X to delete the Zap run.
  • In the Zap details page, you can see the specific version number and name user for that run. It appears at the top of the page, below the name of the Zap. 
  • You can use the Zap history search box to look for runs that used a specific Zap version. Enter the version number (for example, "v3") or version name in the search box.
  • You can also replay unsuccessful Zap runs from the Zap history page.

Task usage

The Task usage tab displays the number of tasks used and how many Zaps ran in a given time period. If you are on a Team or Enterprise plan, it includes info for all members of your account.

When no date range is selected, the page will show information related to the current billing period. You can filter by date range, owner, folder, apps, or Zap name. Remove a filter by clicking X next to the filter.

To edit or view more details about a Zap, click the Zap, then select an option from the dropdown menu.


Zap history storage limits

Zapier can only guarantee a maximum of one month of Zap run data in your Zap history and will display up to 10,000 runs. If you need to keep longer-term records of your Zap run data, you can regularly export your Zap history.

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