Zap field won't accept your data

Some fields can only accept certain types of values and will result in an error if the wrong type of value is given.

1. Check if your value matches the field type

Identify the Zap field type, then check if the data you’ve selected from your previous step or manually input matches what the field is expecting.

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If the Zap field is a number field, it will only accept number values. If a text value is provided, the number field will not accept it.

2. Modify the field value

Your field value may need to be modified for it to be valid. You can use Formatter to transform data, such as formatting phone numbers and dates, truncating text, removing HTML tags, and more.

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A date from Google Calendar comes through as March 02, 2020, but the app needs the date in the format 03/02/2020. You can use a Formatter step to modify the date format of the value received from Google Calendar.

3. Use a lookup table

Some apps expect the data to come over in a particular format, whether that's a name, ID number, or something else.

If the two apps you are using don’t match in terms of how they refer to a field (e.g., one uses a name and one uses an ID number), you may need to use a lookup table in order to get the correctly formatted value.

4. Check if the value exists in the app

It may be the case that to add a particular value dynamically to a dropdown field, you need to add it to the app first. Go to the app's page in Zapier's App Directory to see if there are any actions that allow you to create an additional option for this dropdown field.

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If you are dynamically updating a tag and you want to ensure the new tag is created each time, you can use an action such as "Find or Create Tag."

If it’s not possible to create the value with a Zap action, you may need to revisit your workflow to see if there is a way to have unified terms in both apps.

5. Experiment with different types of values

If you’re not sure why your field data is being rejected, it can be helpful to find some examples of what is allowed. This can provide some hints as to whether you need to just make some small modifications to the formatting of your data, or if you need to try an entirely different type of data altogether.

If the issue persists, contact Zapier support.

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