Review Zap run statuses

Zap statuses indicate whether your Zap ran successfully or not. You can view them in your Zap history or in the Zap runs sidebar in the Zap editor.

There are six possible Zap statuses:

  • Filtered
  • Held
  • Playing
  • Stopped
  • Success
  • Waiting.



A filtered status indicates that a Filter step prevented the Zap from running steps after the Filter step.



A held status indicates that the Zap run is being held for one of a few reasons. Held statuses can be caused by:



A playing status indicates that the Zap run is in progress.



A stopped status indicates that the Zap had an issue that prevented it from running. Stopped statuses are subdivided into:

  • Errored: the Zap encountered an error while running.
    • If a Zap errors repeatedly each time it runs, Zapier will automatically turn it off.
  • Halted: the Zap run was stopped on purpose by the Zap.
    • Unlike Errored, if a Zap halts multiple times, Zapier will not automatically turn it off.
  • Handled: the Zap run has an error handler step that ran. 
    • Unlike Errored, if a Zap's error handler runs multiple times, Zapier will not automatically turn it off.

You have a Zap that:

  • Triggers whenever someone fills out your Google Form.
  • Uses the email address submitted in the form to search for an existing contact in HubSpot.
  • Creates a new deal for the contact in HubSpot.

If a contact does not exist in Hubspot, the Zap will have a Stopped / Halted status since no contact was found. If no email address was included in the form submission, the Zap will have a Stopped / Errored status since it cannot search for a contact without an email address.



A successful status indicates that the Zap ran successfully.



A waiting status indicates that the Zap run is waiting to complete the step. Waiting statuses are subdivided into:

  • Delayed: the Zap run has a delay step that is postponing the completion of the Zap run.
  • Scheduled: the Zap is scheduled to be run again with autoreplay.


Additional Info

  • Zap run statuses may be caused by more than one issue.
  • Zap runs and individual steps within a Zap run may have different statuses. 
  • You can replay Zap runs that failed or were not successful.
  • If the Zap polls for new data and does not trigger, this will not appear in Zap history.
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