View specific Zap run details

Zap run details provide information about the Zap such as the Zap run status and data that were received and sent by each step. You can review individual Zap runs by selecting them from the list in Zap history or in the Zap runs section in the left sidebar of the Zap editor.


Reviewing the Zap run status

When you select a Zap run, you can review the status of each step. If it was not successful, a notification with additional details, such as an error message. If the Zap run has a Stopped / errored status, a notification about the error appears at the top of the page. A Replay Zap Run button also appears so you can replay the errored step.


Zap run settings

Above the individual Zap run steps, there is information about which version of the Zap that was used for that run, the date the Zap triggered, the timezone the Zap uses, and the number of tasks that the Zap run used when it ran.


Zap steps

You can see more details for each step in a Zap run. Each step shows what app was used, the status of the step, the timestamp when it ran, data that were received and sent, and troubleshooting help if the step errored.

  • Data In: the data that was sent to the connected app for the given step.
  • Data Out: the data that was received from the connected app for the given step.
  • Troubleshoot: an AI-powered troubleshooting guide for errored Zap runs.
  • Logs: a detailed HTTP log for the step that can be used for troubleshooting.
    • Logs may take up to 3 minutes to load.
    • Logs are only available for up to 7 days after a step runs, including replay attempts.
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