Different field types in Zaps

When you create Zaps, you may notice small icons next to certain fields. These represent different field types which have different features.


Date/time fields

A date/time field is a field where you can only input a date and time, and is represented by a calendar and clock icon.

Date/time field


If you don't provide a timezone with your data, Zapier will use your account timezone.

Formats supported

Zapier tries to interpret any date or time you provide. For example, all of the following date formats are supported:

  • tomorrow at noon
  • next Friday at 7PM (Friday of the next week, not the current week)
  • 2/13/2020 8PM EST
  • 2020-10-26T16:56 (standard ISO format)
  • 1393462573 (a UNIX timestamp)
miscEye icon Note

You can adjust date/time values in Zaps by adding or subtracting time from it directly on the field.

Number (Integer) fields

Number field

Number fields are designed to gather whole number values. They’re often used in Zapier along with a dropdown field to select ID numbers for users, projects, and other internal data from apps, but can also be used for regular numbers.

miscEye icon Note

Number fields can't work with decimals. Numbers with decimals must be used in decimal fields.

Example of a number field

True/False (boolean) fields

Boolean fields

Boolean fields can only have two values: "true" or "false". Depending on the app, these values may be different, such as "0" for false, or "1" for true. Boolean fields are often case-sensitive. For example, if an app expects "TRUE", it won't recognize "true" as a valid option.

Yes no options

File fields

File field

Files in Zapier refer to the actual file object. For example, a file would be a picture itself, but there may be other fields that have the file's name or the URL to reach it.

The file field acts differently depending on what data is mapped to it:

  • Text: Zapier will turn text into a .txt file and that file will be uploaded to the app.
  • URL: if you enter a URL, Zapier will try to load the data available at that address and upload it as a file.
  • File: if an actual file is mapped from the trigger or another action, Zapier will upload it.

Gmail file attachment

ratingStar icon Tip

If you have multiple file objects or URLs, you can separate them with a comma and a space to send all at once. This will compress them into a single .ZIP file for uploading.

miscEye icon Note
  • If a previous step has a file object, it will have "(Exists but not shown)" for the sample value.

Decimal fields

Decimal field

Decimal (float) fields accept decimal values, such as 1.5. In this field, the decimal must be separated from the integer with a period ..

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