Fix "Not found" errors in Zaps

Sometimes you might get an error that says a record is not found. You’ll see these errors either after testing an action step, or if you’ve already turned your Zap on, in your Zap History. This can happen for a few different reasons.

1. Check if the record exists in your app

If you’re trying to update a record that exists in another app, but you’re getting the “not found” error in the action step, it could be that the record you’re trying to find or update does not exist.

actionEdit icon Example

If you’re trying to update a contact in Salesforce, make sure that the contact you’re trying to update already exists in Salesforce.

2. Check your custom value or search criteria

If you’re using custom values to find and update a record, check if you’re using the right value.

In this example, we’re trying to look up a card in Trello by the title of that card rather than the ID of the row, so this won’t work.

Similarly, if you’re using a search action, check if you’re searching for the right value.

In this example, we’re searching for a card by a number, but this search field requires we search by card name

3. Add a delay step

If your Zap is creating a new record in one step and then later updating or referencing that same record in a later step, you might need to add a delay step in order to give the app time to create that new record.

actionEdit icon Example

For example, if you have an action that creates a new card in Trello from some data and a later action that moves that same Trello card to a new column, you may need to add a delay step in between to give Trello time to make the card.

If the "Not found" error still persists, contact Zapier support.

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