Zap is not running

If your Zap is not running, this may be due to several reasons.


Your Zap errored too many times

Zapier will automatically turn off your Zap if it:

  • Errors 95% of the time it runs.
  • Has run more than 20 times in the past 7 days.

Review the Zap history for the Zap and troubleshoot any errors in your Zap.


If your account is on a Team or Enterprise plan, Zapier will send you an email notification to the account owner and provide a grace period before turning off your Zap. Enterprise plan accounts have a 72-hour grace period and Team plan accounts have a 24-hour grace period.

Enable error ratio override

Available on plans:





You can enable error ratio override to allow your Zap with a high error ratio to continue running. To enable:

  • Open your Zap in the Zap editor.
  • In the left sidebar, click the advanced settings iconNav: cog
  • In the Error ratio override section, select an option for this Zap:
    • Turn off if errors occur (recommended): this is the default setting for all Zaps in your account.
    • Keep running if errors occur: this allows you to override the default setting so the Zap stays on even if it errors repeatedly.
miscEye icon Note
  • You must have edit access to the Zap to override the high error ratio setting.
  • If you enable error ratio override, your Zaps will never enter a grace period.


Your Zap uses premium features on an unsupported plan

Zapier will hold all actions that use premium features that are not included in your current plan. Those actions will not run. If you upgrade to a plan that includes those premium features, you can manually replay your held Zap runs.

Examples of paid features are multi-step Zaps (Zaps with more than one action step), paths, and premium apps. Upgrade your Zapier plan or remove the paid feature(s) from your Zap.


You exceeded your task limit

Zapier will hold all actions for all Zaps in your account if you reach your task limit for the billing cycle. No actions will run. You can upgrade your Zapier plan or wait for your billing cycle to reset, then manually replay your held Zap runs.

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