Send data between steps by mapping fields

When you set up your Zap action, you can use static or dynamic values in the action fields.

  • Static values: Enter a value into an action field or select an option from a dropdown menu so the Zap sends the same value to your action app every time it runs.
  • Dynamic values: Connect a field from one step to another step in your Zap so the Zap sends a different value to the second step every time it runs. 

The action of using dynamic values is called "mapping fields". When you map fields, the value in the second step changes based on data from the previous step.

actionEdit icon Example

If your Zap creates a new lead in your customer relationship management (CRM) app whenever a customer signs up for an event, you can:

  • Type a value like “April Block Party” into the Lead Source field. When the Zap runs, it will send “April Block Party” to the Lead Source field every time it creates a new lead. This is a static value, as it will be the same value every time the Zap runs.
  • Select a field like the phone number field from your event signup app to send to the phone number field in your CRM action. When the Zap runs, it will send whatever phone number your lead signed up with, changing each time the Zap runs. This is a dynamic value.
miscEye icon Note

You can use both static and dynamic fields in an action.

Mapping fields is a powerful tool to build dynamic and flexible workflows.


Map fields

To map fields when you set up your Zap action:

  1. Click on the field that you want to set up.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select one or more fields from a previous step that has the information you want to use.

In the previous example, when you click on the phone number field in the CRM action, the dropdown menu will show all fields received from the signup form that triggered the Zap. Clicking any of those fields will map them to the phone number field in the CRM action. So, when someone fills out the phone number field in your signup form, the Zap will send their phone number to your CRM.

Phone number field in action step showing mapped phone number field from trigger step


(Optional) Use AI to fill out your fields


AI-powered suggested values is a beta feature. It's available for use, but still in active development and may change.

Use AI to generate values for the fields in your action. Zapier will attempt to create values based on data from previous steps.

  • In the top right of the Action tab, click Generate values.
  • Click the suggested values to enter them in the field.
  • (Optional) To regenerate a new set of values, click Regenerate values at the top of the Action tab.
  • You must complete and test all previous steps to use this feature.
  • If Zapier is unable to generate a value, you will see a notice below the field: “Suggested by AI: No Suggestions Generated.”



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