Transfer existing data using a Zap


Scheduled transfers were discontinued on January 15,  2024. Read more about this change.

If you have a Zap that uses a supported trigger, you can transfer existing data from one app to another in both single and multi-step Zaps. Zaps can only collect new data added to your trigger app after turning on a Zap. Existing data is any data that existed in your trigger app before the Zap was on.

You can use this feature to:

  • Migrate historical data for Zaps.
  • Manage one-time data transfers.
  • Migrate data when you start using a new app.


1. Start a one-time transfer

If you create a new Zap that uses a supported trigger, you will see the option to transfer existing data once your Zap is published.


You can also transfer existing data for your current Zaps, to catch up whenever there is any issue that prevents a Zap from regularly transferring data. 


If the Transfer existing data option doesn't appear either the trigger app or trigger event is not supported.


2. Review records

Records are each unit of data that will be transferred. You can select specific records or transfer all of them. To select specific records, click the checkbox that appears to the left of each record.

Filter records

You can narrow down the displayed records by using filters.

  1. In the Let’s take a look at your data section, click the  Filters menu.
  2. On the first dropdown menu, select a field from the trigger app.
  3. On the next dropdown menu, select a condition to apply. Learn more about filter rules.
  4. On the last dropdown menu, type a value to filter records.
  5. Click Apply.

Now, you will only see records that match your filter conditions.


Select records in bulk

  1. In the Let’s take a look at your data section, click the checkbox on the header of the table.
  2.  From the dropdown menu, select:
    • Select all: all existing records will be transferred.
    • Select visible: records that are currently visible on the screen will be transferred.

screen shows the option menu that allows selecting all or visible records


3. Transfer records

  1. You can return to a previous section by clicking Back. If you are happy with the records selected, click Next. The next step will confirm how many records you're transferring. 
  2. If you’re ready to proceed, click Send data
  3. The screen will then show how long the data transfer will take. You can click View progress to check the records being transferred.

If there are a large number of records in your source app, it may take some time to load all records.


Transfer limits

  • Free and trial accounts can preview up to 100 of the most recent records from their source app. Paid accounts have no limit.
  • You can send up to 25,000 records per Transfer run.
  • Each record that you send uses 1 task. You’ll see a warning message if you do not have enough tasks to complete the transfer. You can upgrade your plan if you need more tasks.
  • Some apps may have other limits, like rate limits.


Transfer history

All records transferred will appear on your Zap's history.


Supported source apps


Eventbrite's Updated Attendee trigger is not supported.

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