Change or cancel your Zapier plan

When you first sign up for Zapier, you’ll start a free 14-day premium trial. Any change to your Zapier plan is immediate, and your usage will reset when your plan changes. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your Zapier plan at any time.

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If you’re on a Zapier for Teams plan, you must be the team owner to be able to change the plan.


Change your Zapier plan

  • Go to the pricing plans page. In this page, you can learn more about the features available on different plans and find a plan that suits your needs.
  • Select the plan you want to upgrade or downgrade to.
  • Select if you want to be billed monthly or annually.
  • Select your payment method, or provide a payment method if you do not have one on file with Zapier.

If you downgrade your Zapier plan, Zaps using features not available on your new plan (e.g. if the Zap is using a Premium app) will be turned off. Learn more about the features available on different paid plans

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  • Select annual billing to save 33% annually.
  • Add your tax id when you upgrade to have it appear on all invoices.


Cancel your paid Zapier plan

  • Go to the pricing plans page.
  • Select the Free account.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the downgrade.

When you cancel your paid account, any unused time in that billing month will remain on your account and be applied if you rejoin a paid plan. Learn more about how credits work.

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For example, you might be on the Starter plan ($20) and downgrade to the Free plan 15 days into the billing month. If you rejoin the Starter plan 3 months later, you'll only be charged $10 at that time as the remaining $10 of unused credit will be applied.

This will not delete your account. Learn how to delete your Zapier account.



When you cancel your paid Zapier account, any existing add-ons will be removed from your account. Learn more about how Zapier add-ons work.


Frequently asked questions

If I change from an annual to a monthly plan, do I keep the annual plan discount?

No. The 33% discount only applies to annual plans. When you switch to a monthly plan, you’re charged full price.


If I change my plan, am I credited for any time left on my previous plan?

Yes. When you change your plan, you’re invoiced and charged for the full amount of the new plan, minus any credit from your previous plan. Zapier calculates credits on a per-day basis.

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  • If you pay $61.25 monthly and downgrade your plan with 15 days left in a 30-day month, Zapier credits your account $30.63.
  • If you select a new $24.99 monthly plan, Zapier uses $24.99 of that credit, so you pay nothing at that moment. A credit of $5.64 remains on your account.
  • The next month, Zapier applies the remaining credit, so you pay $19.35.
  • In the third month, there is no credit left, so you’re charged full price.


What happens to my account when I cancel my Zapier plan?

When you cancel a paid Zapier plan, some of your Zaps might be paused:

To reactivate your paid account, re-select your Zapier plan.

If you have further questions about changing or canceling a plan, refer to Zapier’s refund policy or contact Zapier support.

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