Change or cancel your Zapier plan

When you first sign up for Zapier, you’ll start a free 14-day premium trial. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your Zapier plan anytime.


Change your Zapier plan

Plan changes can be done at any time. To change your plan:

  • Go to the plans and pricing page to learn more about the features available on different plans.
  • Select a plan.
  • Select if you want to be billed monthly or yearly.
  • Select an existing payment method or provide a new one. Learn more about payment methods.
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  • Select annual billing to save 33% annually.
  • Add your tax ID when you upgrade to have it appear on all invoices.


Plan changes on Team or Enterprise plans

On Zapier for Teams plans, only the account owner can make plan changes. On Enterprise plans, the account owner and any super admins can make plan changes. 


Upgrade your plan

When you upgrade your Zapier plan, changes take effect immediately so you can use new features immediately. The billing date of your account and the number of tasks in your account will also reset at this time.

Once you select a new plan, you’re charged for the price of the new plan minus any credit from your previous plan. Zapier calculates credits on a per-day basis.


You pay $50 monthly and decide to upgrade to a plan that costs $80. You still have 15 days left in a 30-day month, so Zapier will apply $25 in credit to the upgrade and charge your account $55. On the next billing date, Zapier will charge the full amount, $80.


Downgrade your plan

When you downgrade your plan, changes occur at the end of that monthly or yearly billing cycle, depending on your plan. You'll still have access to the features of your current plan until that date. 

When you downgrade to a plan on a lower tier, you may lose access to certain features. Learn more about the different plan features on the plans and pricing page.


Stop a downgrade

You can cancel a downgrade at any time before the end of the billing cycle. To cancel it:

  1. Go to your Billing and usage page
  2. On the banner that shows the downgrade date, click Cancel downgrade.
  3. Your account will stay on the current plan.


Change the billing cycle interval

Zapier offers two billing cycle options: monthly and yearly. If you change from one to the other and credits remain from the previous plan, all credits will be applied before a new charge is made.

If you've signed up for any add-ons, the billing cycle for them will also be changed.

  • Yearly plans offer a 33% discount on monthly prices.
    • If you switch from yearly to monthly, you will lose the discount.
  • Monthly billing cycles begin on the day of the month when you last upgraded to monthly billing.
    • You are charged on the first day of your billing cycle.
    • You can view this date on your Billing and usage page.


Cancel your plan

You can cancel from the pricing page by selecting Zapier's Free plan. The plan change will take effect at the end of the billing cycle. When you cancel a paid Zapier plan, some of your Zaps might be paused:

You can also delete your account completely once you cancel your plan. To reactivate your paid account, re-select a Zapier plan

When canceling your plan, you may be entitled to a refund. Learn when you can get a refund

Plans with pay-per-task charges

If your account used any extra tasks after you reached your plan limit, you may receive these charges after canceling.

    • Monthly billing: You may see charges for extra tasks at the end of the last billing cycle.
    • Yearly billing: Pay-per-task billing is charged monthly, so you will see a charge at the end of the last month in which your account used extra tasks.


Canceling your paid Zapier account does not affect existing add-ons. You can only cancel one plan at a time, so when canceling a Zapier plan, you will not be able to cancel an add-on plan on the same transaction. Learn more about how to cancel Zapier add-ons.

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