Delete your Zapier account

If you want to delete your Zapier account, you must do so yourself. For security reasons, Zapier will never delete your account on your behalf. Deleting your account is permanent and cannot be undone. All Zaps, developer apps, and app account connections will be deleted permanently. This includes any teams you may have created under the same account email address.

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If you want to cancel your paid Zapier plan and retain all your account data, you can downgrade to a Free plan at any time. To stop receiving notification or newsletter emails, manage your email preferences in your account.

  • Go to your delete account settings page.
  • Click Confirm it’s you. You’ll be redirected to a Zapier login page. If you set up your Zapier account with a Facebook or Google account, select those options to log in. If not, enter your account password and click Continue.
  • In the Permanently delete my account section, click Yes, delete my account.
  • In the Verify Current Email field, enter your account email address.
  • In the Confirm you want to delete your account field, enter DELETE in all caps.
  • Click Delete my account(s).

Once your account is deleted, it cannot be restored or recovered in any way.

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For Team and Company plans, if the account owner deletes their account:

  • This will delete the Team or Company account as well.
  • Any invited members will lose membership to that team.
  • Any invited members will lose access to all Team or Company features including any Zaps in that account.

If you encounter a problem when you try to delete your Zapier account, contact Zapier support.

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