Update your billing information

In your billing and usage settings, you can update your payment method and invoice information.

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For Team and Enterprise plans, only account admins or owners can view or change billing information.

Update your payment method

  • Go to your billing and usage settings.
  • In the Payment Information section, click Edit Payment Method.
  • Enter and save the details for your new payment method.

Edit payment method

Find our which payment methods and currencies Zapier accepts.

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If a payment fails, you can also retry it on the Billing and usage page. Learn more about how to retry payments.

Update your invoice information

To update information in your invoices:

  • Go to your billing and usage settings.
  • In the Invoice Information section, click Update Info.
    • To receive a copy of paid invoices by email, select the Email me a copy of paid invoices checkbox. By default, this will send the invoices to the account email. You can enter a different address if you wish.
    • To change the company information on your invoice, enter the new Company name, Company address
    • Click Save changes.

Update invoice info

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At this time, invoices can only be sent to one email address. If your email provider (e.g., Gmail) offers auto-forwarding rules, you can use those to forward billing emails to other email addresses automatically.

Add a Tax or VAT ID to invoices

You can add your Tax or VAT ID to your invoices. 

  • Go to your billing and usage settings.
  • In the Invoice Information section, click Update info.
  • In the next screen, click Add a registered Tax ID or VAT number.
  • Start typing the name of your country in the Country field and click the name when it appears in the dropdown menu.
  • Enter the relevant tax number, in the Tax number field.
  • Click Save.



When you enter your Tax ID or VAT number, Zapier will let you know if it's valid or not. A small number of failures may be related to delays with the validation system. If you've confirmed that your Tax ID is correct, you can save it anyway. Learn about the Tax ID formatting for each country.


If you believe your account should be exempt from tax, add your tax or VAT ID and learn how to request tax exemption for your Zapier account.

If you have issues updating your billing information, contact Zapier support for further assistance.

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