What is a Zapier add-on?

Add-ons are subscriptions for Zapier products that you can include at any time, independently of a paid Zapier plan. Zapier Chatbot, Zapier Interfaces, and Zapier Tables are examples of add-ons you can have on your account. You can select an add-on directly from your account's Billing and usage area and click Upgrade to select your subscription. 


Subscribe to an add-on

  • Go to the billing and usage area of your account.
  • Click Upgrade beside your chosen add-on. 
  • Select the plan for your add-on. You can sign up for other add-ons from this screen.
  • If you already have a payment method, it will be automatically selected. 
    • You can also edit or add your payment information.
  • The total amount due will be displayed. Click Pay now.




If you already have a Zapier plan, your add-on will use the same billing cycle as your Zapier plan, monthly or yearly. If you want to be charged on a different cadence, you can change your Zapier plan first, and then sign up for an add-on.


How add-ons are billed

Add-ons follow the billing cycle of your Zapier plan, even if you do not have a paid Zapier plan. The add-on will be charged monthly or yearly, depending on what you have selected.

If you're on a Free Zapier plan, your add-on will be charged on the same day of the month (or specific date, for yearly plans) when you signed up for the Zapier plan, even if you signed up for the add-on at a different date. You will only be charged partially, for the remaining days of that billing cycle.

Each add-on appears on your invoice as a line item, separately from the price of a Zapier plan. 


As the Zapier plan controls the billing date of your account, if you sign up for a Zapier plan or upgrade a plan on a day that is not your billing date, your add-on will be renewed at that moment, to ensure it matches the billing date. You will receive a credit for the unused time and that will be used towards the partial add-on charge.


Cancel an add-on

You can cancel an add-on anytime. This does not affect your Zapier plan or other subscribed add-ons. You can only cancel one plan at a time. When you cancel, a pro-rated credit will be added to your Zapier account and will be used toward future payments. If you change your mind, you can re-purchase the add-on. 



You can request a refund for your add-on if your last payment was made less than 30 days ago. Contact Zapier Support to request a refund.

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