Replay failed Zap runs

If an action step fails due to a stopped status, you may be able to replay it. Learn more about how replay works.


Manually replay failed Zap runs

You can manually replay any step that fails due to a stopped or held status.

  1. Go to Zap History.
  2. Select which Zap runs to replay. You can use the dropdown menus to filter Zap runs by status, date range, owner, folder, app, or Zap name.
    • To individually select Zap runs to replay, select the checkbox next to each Zap run.
    • To bulk select Zap runs to replay, click the checkbox dropdown menu in the upper left and select:
      • Select shown to select all the Zap runs on the page.
      • Select all (5000 at a time) to select up to 5,000 Zap runs.
  3. In the upper left, click Play X (X indicates the number of Zaps runs that you've selected to replay).
  4. In the dialog box, click Replay to replay the selected Zap runs.
  5. A notification window will open to show that the Zap run is replaying.
    • Here, you can monitor the status of your replay job.
    • Once it's complete, you'll see a summary of the results.


Enable autoreplay

When you enable autoreplay, Zapier will automatically replay any Zap run with a stopped status.



Enable autoreplay for your entire account

This will automatically replay any stopped Zap runs across your entire Zapier account. 


In Teams and Companies accounts, you must be an admin or owners to enable account-wide autoreplay.

  1. Go to the Zap Runs tab in your Zap History.
  2. In the upper right, click to toggle the Autoreplay switch on.

Enable autoreplay for an individual Zap

Members of your Zapier account can enable autoreplay on a per Zap basis for any Zap they own. This overrides the account-wide autoreplay settings.


This feature is only available in Zapier for Companies accounts.

  1. Open your Zap in the Zap editor.
  2. In the left sidebar, click the advanced settings icon Nav: cog.
  3. Click the Autoreplay override? dropdown menu to expand it, then select an option for this Zap:
    • Use account setting: the Zap will autoreplay according to the current account-wide setting. The account-wide setting is shown in parentheses.
    • Always replay: the Zap will always autoreplay when there’s an error.
    • Never replay: the Zap will never autoreplay when there’s an error.
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