Consolidate multiple Zapier accounts

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You can consolidate all Zapier accounts used by members of your organization into one centralized account. This makes Zapier usage at your organization more secure, easier to manage, and streamlines billing.

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Build your new account structure

  1. Select a central account. 
    • This is the account you’ll consolidate all other accounts into.
    • Zapier recommends that you use the account with the most business-critical Zaps in it as your central account.
  2. Create shared folders in the central account to organize your Zaps.
    • Zapier recommends creating one folder per team or workflow. After your accounts are consolidated, you can have members organize their Zaps in these folders.
  3. (Optional) Create teams in your Enterprise account.


Audit accounts that use your domain

Manage who can access your Enterprise account by verifying your domain. Verifying your domain gives you access to domain insights including allowing you to view and export a list of all users who have a Zapier account using an email address under your domain. You can export this list of members for tracking & audit purposes.


Consolidate your accounts


Each user from your audit will need to perform the following actions on their own. You cannot move Zaps and app connections they own from other accounts.

  1. Invite users that have separate accounts to your central account.
  1. After new members accept your invite, help them move Zaps and folders from their outside accounts into your central account. 
    • Share the following instructions with your users:
      • Update your Folder or Zap names - Name your Zaps & app connections in a descriptive but standard way, so you can find them later (e.g. “Mahir Singh’s Zaps”, “Sales Team Shared Zaps”).
      • Move Zaps - Move your Zaps into our central account. 
        • Note: Zap, folder, and app connection sharing settings will become private when moved to a new account. You can organize and re-share them after they're moved.
      • Organize your Zaps in the central account - once you’ve successfully moved your Zaps & app connections, organize them into the appropriate folder(s).
  2. (Optional) After they move their Zaps, assign them to a Team in your Enterprise account.
  3. After confirming that your new member’s Zaps, folder, and app connections were successfully migrated, they can downgrade their accounts to a Free plan to stop billing.

Do not delete accounts. This will delete their user profile for all accounts they are members of, including the central account.

  • You can restrict access to folders by sharing folders with specific members or teams.
  • Share your Zaps & app connections with your team to ensure they can help you manage your workflows
  • You can contact Zapier Support to assist you with account consolidation. They can provide specific recommendations that fit your organization as well as insights into the number of paid accounts across your organization.



  • Domain Insights are only available to users in Enterprise accounts.
  • Zaps with paths, code steps, private apps, legacy apps, legacy triggers, or legacy actions cannot be transferred or moved to another Team or Enterprise account that the Zap owner does not belong to.
    • They can be shared with other users within their account. 
  • You can only move Zaps that you own and will only see folders that contain Zaps that you own.
  • Account admins and owners cannot move Zaps and app connections from accounts they do not own. The account owner must move their Zaps and folders into the central account.
  • If a Zap uses the Webhooks by Zapier app, the webhook URL will:
    • Remain the same if the Zap is moved to another account.
    • Change if the Zap is transferred to another owner. 
    • Be different in any copies of the Zap.
  • Monitor the performance of all Zaps in the central account to ensure that they are working as expected.
  • Downgrade all other accounts to the Free plan once all Zaps and app connections have been moved into the central account.
    • Do not delete accounts. This will delete their user profile for all accounts they are members of, including the central account.
  • The Domains page does not specify if users are in separate paid Zapier accounts. Contact Zapier Support if you need to verify which accounts users are members of.
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