AI quick start guide in Zapier

What is AI?

AI, or artificial intelligence, is a tool that mimics many of the functions of the human mind, like the ability to learn, reason, and solve problems. Currently, most AI is developed through machine learning. With machine learning, the AI is trained on a large amount of data and is able to analyze the data for patterns. From these patterns, it can make predictions and suggestions to power its reasoning and problem-solving.

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Why should I use AI?

Zapier helps you automate repetitive tasks. With Zapier’s AI-powered features, you can build and fine-tune your automated workflows even faster and more efficiently, saving you time to focus on your human-powered work.

As Zapier’s CEO Wade Foster explains, “At Zapier, we're building AI-powered automation tools so that everyone can create and customize software to suit their specific needs.”


What AI features does Zapier offer?

Build Zaps with an AI coach

Create your own AI assistant

Get more out of your AI apps

View all AI apps available on Zapier.


Learn more about AI

Read the Zapier blog to learn more about AI, including:

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