Generate content with AI Fields in Zapier Tables

The AI field lets you connect a Zapier table field directly to OpenAI. You can create a prompt, have the prompt reference data in the table, and generate responses. 

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Set up an AI Field

  • Click Add field on the right side of a table.
  • Select the  AI Field field type. A sidebar will open.
  • In the Name field, type a name for the field.
  • Select your Open AI connection, or click Manage authentications to set up a new connection.
  • Click Create Prompt. A dialog box will appear, and you can create it from scratch or using a template.
Start from scracth Start from a template
  1. Select Start from scratch
  2. Click Get started. The Edit prompt dialog box will open.
  3. Write your prompt. You can use the Insert Data box to select table fields to be used in the prompt.
  4. If necessary, click Prompt Settings to change how the AI responds.
  5. Click Regenerate to preview the AI response.
  6. When you're happy with the response, click Done
  7. On the sidebar, click Create. The field will be added at the end of the table.

Prompt settings

The prompt settings help control the content generated. To access the prompt settings:

  1. Click the header of the field you want to change.
  2. Click Edit field. A sidebar will open.
  3. Click Edit Prompt.
  4. Click Prompt Settings.

In this menu you can change the following settings:

  • Model: the specific model to be used. The list will change according to the models available on your OpenAI account.
  • Maximum length: the maximum number of tokens to be used by the prompt and response. This can help to keep AI model usage and cost at a manageable level.
  • Creativity: also known as 'temperature.' Use it to increase the randomness of the result. The higher the number, the more creative the model will be.

Preview the results

In the Edit prompt dialog box, you can see a preview of the content generated for a specific record. You can change which record is previewed using the arrows at the bottom of the screen.

ratingStar icon Tip

You can also link a Zap to an AI Field, to use the generated content with another app. Learn how to trigger a Zap from a specific field in Tables.

Use the results of the AI Field

Once you create an AI Field, it may take a while to generate the response, depending on how complex the prompt is, and how many records your table contains.

When a field is filled, you can see and copy the content. It's not possible to edit or delete the results of an AI Field.


If you use any table fields as part of the prompt, the AI Field results will change if the content of one of the used fields is updated. This applies both to updates made manually or through a Zap.


Edit your prompt

In the Edit prompt dialog box, you can edit the existing prompt by changing the instructions or adding and removing fields. To do so:

  1. Click the header of the field you want to change.
  2. Click Edit field. A sidebar will open.
  3. Click Edit prompt.
  4. When you're done making changes, click Done
miscEye icon Note

When you edit a prompt, it will re-generate that field's content in all records. You'll be asked to confirm before the update runs.

Data retention

Zapier's Data Retention, deletion, and export practices vary depending on the product. Learn more about the specific guidelines for the product you're using.

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