Build a bot in Zapier Central


Zapier Central is a beta product. It’s available for use, but still in active development and may change.


Zapier Central is an AI tool that automates tasks for you using the power of Zapier's 6,000+ apps. To get started, you must create a bot and tell it what it should do for you.


Get access to Zapier Central

To get access to Central, visit and sign up.


Create a new bot

Bots are AI-powered agents that do work for you. They can perform actions independently or when you ask them to. They can also tell you what they can do, help you fix issues with their own tasks, and answer questions related to connected data sources

To create a new bot:

  • If this is your first time using Zapier Central, click + New bot.
  • If you already have bots, hover over the + icon on the left sidebar and click + New bot.

When you create a new bot, a chat field will appear and the bot will introduce you to what it can do and give you an overview of setting it up. If you have questions at any point, you can ask the bot directly using the message field at the bottom of the chat screen.


Chat and Activity screens

Each bot has two screens: the Chat screen and the Activity screen. The Chat screen is where you'll interact with the bot and make changes to it. The Activity screen is where you can review all the tasks your bot has completed for you. You can switch between these two screens using the toggle at the top.


Name your bot

Name your bot by clicking the current name at the top left of the screen.



Create behaviors

Behaviors control what your bot can do. Your bot will need instructions, a trigger, and actions to complete tasks for you. Learn more about how to set up a behavior.


Work with your bot directly

You can ask your bot to complete tasks or answer questions on the spot, by using instant actions. Learn how to set up an instant action.


Give the bot a data source

Data sources are documents that your bot can use to complete tasks or answer questions. The bot will use any data source you provide, like a Google spreadsheet, to help generate a response. Learn more about data sources.


Delete a bot

To delete a bot:

  • From the Chat screen, click the three dot icon .
  • Click Delete bot.
  • In the dialog box, click Delete bot.



Bot deletion is permanent. You cannot recover a deleted bot.


Upgrade your account

With a paid Zapier Central account, you can get access to more activities for your bots. Learn more about Zapier Central plans.


Provide feedback and get help

Submit a feature request, provide feedback on existing features, or get help from the Zapier Central team. You can also discuss Central with other users on Zapier's Early Access Program Slack.

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