Troubleshoot Tax ID validation errors in invoices

You can add a tax or VAT ID to your Zapier invoices. If you're seeing errors when trying to add an ID, check that:

  • The ID has been entered correctly.
  • The ID matches the valid format for your country.

If you're unsure of the correct format, check your country's ID format in the table below. 

Country name Tax name Example
Albania VAT number ALK12345678T
Australia Australian Business Number (ABN) AU12345678901
Austria VAT number ATU12345678
Bahrain VAT number BH123456789012345
Belarus VAT number BY123456789
Belgium VAT number BE1234567890
Bulgaria VAT number BG1234567890
Canada GST/HST number Enter first 9 digits only. Example: 123456789
Cambodia VAT number KHt123-123123123
Chile RUT Number CL07.123.123K
Colombia VAT number CO123456789
Croatia VAT number HR12345678901
Cyprus VAT number CY12345678A
Czech Republic VAT number CZ1234567890
Denmark VAT number DK12345678
Estonia VAT number EE123456789
Finland VAT number FI12345678
France VAT number FRAB123456789
Georgia VAT number GE123456789
Germany VAT number DE123456789
Greece VAT number EL123456789
Hungary VAT number HU12345678
Iceland VAT number 400123456
India GST Identification Number (GSTIN) IN123abc456xyz789
Ireland VAT number IE123456789
Italy VAT number IT12345678901
Kazakhstan VAT number KZ123456789012
Latvia VAT number LV12345678901
Lithuania VAT number LT123456789
Luxembourg VAT number LU12345678
Malta VAT number MT12345678
Moldova VAT number MD1234567
Netherlands VAT number NL123456789A12
New Zealand GST Registration Number NZ123456789
Norway VAT number NO123456789MVA
Oman VAT number OM1234567890
Poland VAT number PL1234567890
Portugal VAT number PT123456789
Romania VAT number RO1234567890
Saudi Arabia VAT number SA123456789012345
Serbia VAT number 123456789
Singapore GST Registration Number SG123456789A
Slovakia VAT number SK1234567890
Slovenia VAT number SI12345678
South Korea VAT number KR123-12-12345
Spain VAT number ESA12345678
Sweden VAT number SE123456789001
Switzerland VAT number

CHCHE-123.123.133 or CHE-123.123.133

Do not include suffixes like MWST, TVA, or IVA.

Taiwan VAT number TW12345678
Thailand VAT number TH1234567890
Turkey VAT number TR1234567890
Ukraine VAT number UA123456789012
United Arab Emirates VAT number AE123456789012345
United Kingdom VAT number GB123456789
United Kingdom VAT number GBGD12
United Kingdom VAT number GBHA12
Uzbekistan VAT number UZ123456789012
miscEye icon Note
  • Only one tax ID can be entered per account.
  • Some IDs may need to be validated with government registries.

A small number of failures may be related to delays with the validation system. If you've confirmed that your Tax ID is correct, you can save it anyway. 

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