Zap is creating duplicate data

If you see duplicate data in one or more connected apps, it may be due to one of the following causes.

1. Broad trigger settings

If your Zaps are triggering from unwanted data, you may need to refine your trigger.

Try the following:

  • Change the settings in the app that triggers your Zap, if possible. For example, in Pipedrive, you can change your deal filter settings when using the Deal Matching Filter trigger.
  • Change the trigger settings in your Zap, if possible. For example, in the New or Updated Spreadsheet Row trigger for Google Sheets, you can define which columns to trigger from instead of triggering from any update to a row.
  • Add a Filter to stop the Zap from continuing unless it meets certain conditions.
  • If possible, use a find or create action in your Zap so new data is only created if it doesn’t already exist. For example, with HubSpot’s Find or Create Deal action, you can search for an existing deal and if one isn’t found, create one instead.

2. Multiple Zaps using the same trigger

Use a unique identifier, like an ID or email address, to check your Zap history if multiple Zaps are using the same trigger data.

Try the following:

  • Add a Filter to stop the Zap from continuing unless it meets certain conditions.
  • You can also use Paths to combine multiple Zaps with different outcomes.

3. Unintentional Zap loop

If you see the same data repeating, it could be caused by an unintended Zap loop. This can happen when a Zap performs the same action that also triggers the Zap. For example, if the Zap triggers from a new spreadsheet row and the action is to create a new spreadsheet row in the same spreadsheet, the Zap will loop.

Learn more about Zap loops and how to fix them.

4. Timeouts

If you see a “timed out” error message in your Zap runs, any attempts to replay the errored action may be creating duplicate data.

Learn more about timeout errors and how to fix them.

If the duplicates persist, contact Zapier support. Include links to:

  • The most recent Zap runs that created duplicate data.
  • Full-page screenshots of the duplicate data in your connected apps.
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