Fix "Throttled by Zapier" or "Zapier has blocked this task" errors in Zaps


This error is most likely to show up in your Zap run details in various forms:

  • "Too much data received for one task (... bytes), Zapier has blocked this task."
  • "Too much data received (... * ... bytes) within a ... second window, Zapier has blocked this task. Resets in ... seconds."
  • "Throttled by Zapier! Max ... runs per ... seconds."


There are limits to how much data Zapier can receive within a certain period. The exact limits are provided in the error messages.

How to fix it

If the message talks about a window or maximum number of runs per seconds, you'll be able to replay the Zap run. If the amount of data is too much for Zapier to handle, modify your Zap or the app that is sending this data to request for or send less data.

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