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This feature is in open beta. It’s available for use but still in active development and may change.

Use the analytics dashboard to get more visibility and control over your account usage. Easily identify trends and inefficiencies by viewing top metrics for your account:

  • Total plan usage.
  • Task usage by Zap, app, or member.
  • Error rate.

You can access Analytics any time from the main navigation sidebar or by going directly to the Analytics page.


Live metrics

The Live metrics section provides key performance indicators for your account:

  • Active Zaps: total number of Zaps turned on.
  • Plan usage: percentage of tasks used compared to your plan’s task limit.
  • Successful run rate: percentage of successful runs compared to errored runs.
  • Alerts: number of alerts affecting your Zaps.


Time period selector

The time period selector allows you to filter analytics for a particular time period:

  • Past 7 days: Filter by the last 7 days, including today.
  • Current usage cycle: Filter by your current billing cycle.
  • This month: Filter by the current calendar month.

You can also select a custom date range by selecting a start date and end date in the date picker.


Task usage

The Task usage section displays a chart of how many tasks you have used in the time period you select.

  • Current period: the number of tasks you’ve already used in the time period.
  • Projected usage: based on your current rate of use, how many additional tasks Zapier estimates you’ll use by the end of the time period.
    • It is only displayed if future dates are included in the time period.
  • Last period: a comparison to the number of tasks you used in the previous equivalent time period.
  • Task limit: the total number of tasks included in your Zapier plan, not including pay-per-task limits.



The Reports section displays the top usage by Zap, app used, and member of your account, as well as Zaps with the highest error rates.

  • Error rates are calculated as the percentage of successful run statuses compared to errored run statuses. Learn more about Zap run statuses.
  • For each report, you can download a CSV file of the report. 

You must be an admin, super admin, or owner of the account to view the Analytics page.

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