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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

Use LinkedIn Conversions for free on Zapier

Beginning April 2, 2024, when you use the LinkedIn Conversions app in a Zap, action steps will not count toward your task usage. Action steps that use other apps will still count toward your task usage.

All other plan features, including rate limits, still apply.

Zapier Free plan users

In addition, if your Zap contains a LinkedIn Conversions action step, Zapier is removing the following plan limits:

How long is this offer available?
There is currently no planned end date for this offer's availability. Should an end date be set, impacted users will receive an email notice from Zapier at least 60 days before any changes take effect.
How are multi-step Zaps handled?
In Zaps with multiple action steps, only steps that send tasks to LinkedIn Conversions will be exempted from your plan's quota. Tasks for other apps will still count towards your task usage. Triggers do not count toward your task usage.
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If your Zap contains:

  • A Slack action
  • A LinkedIn Conversion action (Conversion Event)

Running that Zap will consume 1 task against your plan quota (the Slack action), with the other task (the LinkedIn Conversion action) exempt. 

What happens to my Zaps if I use all of my tasks during a billing cycle?

Steps that use the LinkedIn Conversions app will not count towards your task usage, regardless of your Zapier plan. If you run out of tasks during a billing cycle:

  • If your Zap only uses LinkedIn Conversions actions, the Zap will continue to run.
  • If your Zap contains apps other than LinkedIn Conversions, the Zap will:
    • run a LinkedIn Conversions action step if it is the first step in the Zap and any subsequent LinkedIn Conversions action steps that follow directly afterward.
    • not run action steps that use any other app.
    • not run LinkedIn Conversions action steps that come after an action step that uses any other app.
  • If your Zap does not include a LinkedIn Conversions step, all action steps will be held.
  • All other plan limits, including rate limits, still apply.
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Here are some scenarios describing how Zaps would behave if your account ran out of tasks.

If your Zap consists of:

  • Salesforce trigger
  • First LinkedIn Conversions action
  • Second LinkedIn Conversions action
  • Salesforce action
  • Third LinkedIn Conversions action

the Zap will only run the first and second LinkedIn Conversions actions. It will not run the Salesforce action or the third LinkedIn Conversions action.

If your Zap consists of:

  • Gmail trigger
  • Salesforce action
  • Slack action

the Zap will not run any action steps, these steps will be.


Changes to the Send Conversion action

The LinkedIn Ads app has deprecated the Send Conversion action. This means:

  • no new Zaps can be created using this action.
  • any existing Zaps will continue to function indefinitely.

Starting April 2, 2024, you can create new Zaps with the LinkedIn Conversions app. The new Send Conversion Event action offers the same functionality as the Send Conversion action, but with the added benefit of being free to use.

Update your Zaps

To update your Zaps to use LinkedIn Conversions:

  1. In the Zap editor, click the LinkedIn Ads action step.
  2. In the Apps & events tab, click Change.
  3. In the dialog box, search and select LinkedIn Conversions.
  4. Click the Event dropdown menu and select Send Conversion Event
  5. Choose an existing account or authenticate a new one
  6. Re-map the action fields in subsequent action steps.
  7. In the upper right, click Publish.

During this process, the pre-existing Zap will continue to run.

Learn more about importing and tracking your conversions with LinkedIn Conversions on Zapier.


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