Important update for SMS by Zapier users

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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

We want to keep you informed about a significant change that impacts how you use SMS with Zapier, especially for our users with T-Mobile phone numbers. Here's what you need to know:

  • Carrier Restrictions: T-Mobile has introduced A2P 10DLC non-compliance fines for SMS messages, including prohibited content, effective February 15, 2024. 
    • As a result, SMS by Zapier will no longer support numbers associated with T-Mobile carriers February 16, 2024. 
    • Affected users will encounter errors when attempting to send an SMS to a T-Mobile phone number.
  • Disabled Zaps: Zapier has disabled live Zaps that were in violation of T-Mobile’s content policies over the past month and notified affected accounts.
  • Identify and troubleshoot Zap errors:
    • SMS app accounts connected to T-Mobile carriers will no longer work starting Feb 16, 2024. View all of your Zaps that use SMS by Zapier
    • You will receive email alerts for affected Zaps that begin to encounter errors. Zaps that error 95% or more of the time over the past 7 days are automatically turned off unless you’ve enabled error ratio override in your Zaps (only available in Professional, Team, and Company plans). Zapier will notify you by email when your Zaps turn off.
    • On the Zap history page and in the Zap editor, affected Zap runs will display the error message: Numbers from T-Mobile are not supported.


Alternative solutions

Zapier understands this update might disrupt your workflow. We are exploring options to once again support T-Mobile numbers in the future.

As a workaround, we recommend exploring other SMS apps, such as Twilio or WhatsApp Notifications. These services offer robust alternatives for your messaging needs, depending on your specific requirements. You can explore additional SMS apps in the App Directory.

If you need more assistance to create continuity for your SMS needs:

You can reach out to T-Mobile or Twilio with questions, comments, and feedback about their policies.


Update as of Wednesday, February 21, 2024:

As part of the recent changes to impose carrier restrictions, Zapier was notified that carriers outside of T-Mobile were being blocked inadvertently. We have resolved this issue and you should be able to replay any stopped Zaps that were impacted.

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