Monitor your Team or Enterprise account

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Add multiple members to your Team or Enterprise account with confidence, knowing you can easily monitor your account activity. Get insight into who is using your account and how.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Review and customize your Zap history
  • Monitor account usage
  • Manage notifications
  • Manage invoices and billing


Zap runs

Monitor all Zaps that have run in your account in the Zap history. This is especially helpful when troubleshooting any errors that might occur. You can also export your Zap history for your records. 



Account usage

Export a CSV of any member’s Zaps and app connections to review what they’re using in Zapier. You can also use the audit log to see Zap activities across your account, like when a Zap was published, turned on or off, or deleted.

You can also monitor your account’s task usage so you can keep an eye on your plan limits.


Manage notifications

Get email notifications only when you want to. You can customize when you should be notified if errors occur in your Zaps and decide when Zapier sends you email newsletters. Or, use Zapier Manager to further customize your account and Zap notifications.


Manage invoices and billing

By default, Zapier emails your invoice to the account owner each billing cycle. Account owners and admins can log in to access and manage your invoices, including viewing past invoices and adding other email addresses as invoice recipients. They can also update your account billing info any time within Zapier.


Next steps

For easier management and added security, you can import and export your Zaps. Learn more about managing and streamlining your account:

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