App updates: Google Workspace Admin, Slack, Marketo Salesforce, MS Teams, MS Dynamics 365, Jira Software Cloud, Shopify, Twilio, and SMS by Zapier

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This information was accurate at the time of publication. Please check out the latest product release notes for any updates or changes.

Google Workspace Admin update

We’ve added two new actions to help you streamline user management:

  • Assign License
  • Revoke License


Learn more about getting started with Google Workspace Admin.


Slack bug fix

We’ve fixed a bug that was causing Zaps to have an infinite loop of Slack messages to be posted repeatedly in the same thread when using the Send Channel Message action.


Learn more about getting started with Slack.


Marketo updates and bug fixes

You can create new marketing automation workflows with the new New Program trigger. 


We’ve fixed several bugs with Marketo:

  • The Find Lead action works to consistently find existing leads. 
  • The New Lead trigger no longer causes Zaps to time out.
  • The Create or Update Lead action no longer prompts you to delete fields in the Zap editor that you want and populates all fields mapped out in your Zap. 


Learn more about getting started with Marketo.


Salesforce update

We understand how crucial it is to locate specific records swiftly and keep track of changes in real-time. 


We’ve added:

  • Find Record(s) by Query (with line item support) action: You can now locate specific records based on precise criteria, including line items.
  • New Field History Tracking event trigger: You can track changes, enabling you to track and maintain historical records.  

Learn more about getting started with Salesforce.


Microsoft Teams update

We’ve heard your need for more expressive and structured messaging to be available in Microsoft Teams. With the Send Chat Message action, we added new options to support markdown and HTML formatting.


Learn more about getting started with Microsoft Teams.


Jira Software Cloud bug fixes

We’ve fixed the following bugs:

  • Updated Issue trigger: The payload size error has been fixed, ensuring it consistently triggers updated issues. 
  • Create Issue and Find Issue actions: Accessing the self-link link from these actions no longer throws an error message.


Learn more about getting started with Jira Software Cloud.


Shopify update

Creating draft orders can be time-consuming. That’s why we’ve added the new Create Draft Order action, so you can track order details efficiently.


Learn more about getting started with Shopify.


Twilio update

You can now create bespoke actions using API Request actions and App Extensions with Twilio.

Learn more about getting started with Twilio.


SMS by Zapier update

We’ve updated the SMS content filter, which now uses an AI filter to check for prohibited content.

Learn more about sending text messages in Zaps.


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