Send text messages in Zaps

You can send yourself text messages using SMS by Zapier. Zapier uses Twilio to send text messages.


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Do not send prohibited text messages

Your use of SMS by Zapier is subject to Twilio's messaging policy. There are certain topics which cannot be mentioned in SMS by Zapier messages. If you send a text message that contains prohibited content, it will be blocked, and this may result in further action taken under our Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy.

Text messages cannot contain any reference to:

  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs
  • Cannabis or CBD
  • Firearms
  • Gambling
  • Prescription medication
  • Tobacco 
  • Adult content
  • Profanity
  • Hate or violence or harassment
  • Sexual or lewd
  • Self-harm

Zapier uses OpenAI to assist with filtering text messages before sending them. 


1. Select your app and action event

In the Zap editor:

  • Click the Action step, or click the plus + icon to add an action to your Zap.
  • Search for and select SMS by Zapier.
  • Click the Event dropdown menu and select Send SMS.
  • Click Continue.

2. Confirm your phone number

  • In the dialog box, enter your phone number in the To Number field.
  • Select the method of confirmation you want to use:
    • If you select SMS, a text message containing a PIN code will be sent to your phone number.
    • If you select Call, you will receive a voice call containing a PIN code.
  • Click Send SMS.
  • In the Confirm PIN field, enter the PIN code you received.
  • Click Yes, Continue.
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Do not include any symbols with your phone number only use digits. For UK numbers, include the country code.

3. Customize your message

  • (Optional) In the From Number field, enter the phone number that you want to receive messages from.
  • In the Message field, enter the message that you want to send. You can include data from previous steps in your message.

4. Test your step

  • Click Test step. If the step is successful, you’ll receive a text message. The phone number your text message comes from will be a local number for the location, either United States or United Kingdom.

Once you’ve set up your SMS by Zapier action, you can add another action or finish setting up your Zap.

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