What is replay?

When your Zap runs, Zap history will display one of five statuses for each step in your workflow. If an action step fails due to a stopped status, you may be able to have the Zap reattempt those failed actions by replaying them. You can replay failed steps manually, or automatically by enabling autoreplay. 


For the following Zap:

  • Trigger: User submits a form.
  • Action: Send an email.
  • Action: Add a spreadsheet row.

If the Zap triggers and successfully sends the email, but fails to add the spreadsheet row, when you replay the Zap, Zapier will:

  • Not retry the trigger.
  • Not retry the email step.
  • Attempt to add a spreadsheet row again.


How does replay work?

There are two ways to replay failed steps: manually or automatically using the autoreplay feature.

Manual replay

With manual replay, you must initiate a replay yourself in each Zap that fails. When you manually replay a Zap run, Zapier will replay all failed actions. The Zap run will have a scheduled status when Zapier attempts to replay it.

You can manually replay actions that fail due to Stopped/Errored or Stopped/Halted statuses. Learn more about how to manually replay failed steps.


If you enable autoreplay, Zapier will replay all failed Zaps automatically. You can enable autoreplay account-wide for all Zaps in your account, or on a per-Zap basis.

Autoreplay will only replay actions that fail due to a Stopped/Errored status. You can still manually replay a failed action if autoreplay has already scheduled another run. Learn more about how to enable autoreplay.

  • You must have a Professional, Team, or Company plan to enable account-wide autoreplay.
  • You must have a Company plan to enable per-Zap autoreplay.

While autoreplay is active:

  • Zapier will replay the step up to 5 times.
  • Zapier will not send any error notification emails.
  • Any Zapier Manager Zaps that are connected to the Zap will not trigger.
  • You can still manually replay the failed step.

A Zap run will have a scheduled status when Zapier attempts to replay it or schedules it for replay later. The interval between failed replay attempts increases each time after the initial Zap run. 


If a Zap initially fails at 1:00 PM:

Attempt Interval between attempts Example
First 5 minutes after initial trigger event 1:05 PM
Second 30 minutes after last attempt 1:35 PM
Third 1 hour after last attempt 2:35 PM
Fourth 3 hours after last attempt 5:35 PM
Fifth 6 hours after last attempt 11:35 PM

The final replay will occur about 10 hours, 35 minutes after the first error.

If the final autoreplay attempt fails:

  • Zapier will send you an email notifying you of the error.
    • This is the only notification about the error Zapier will send if you enable autoreplay.
  • Zapier will trigger any Zapier Manager Zaps you have.


Limitations of replay

  • Filter and Paths steps are never replayed.
    • Zapier will not replay them even if replaying a previous failed step would change the conditions used in the Filter or Paths steps.
  • You must have enough tasks left in your account to cover failed steps. 
    • You can upgrade your plan if you need to replay steps before your billing cycle resets.
  • You must replay steps within 2 months of the initial trigger event.
  • You cannot replay failed Zap runs if you significantly change the Zap afterwards, including:
    • Deleting one or more steps in your Zap.
    • Delete the entire Zap.
    • Adding one or more steps to the Zap.
    • Moving one or more steps within the Zap.
    • Change the app, trigger, or action used in the Zap to a different app, trigger, or action.
  • You can replayed failed Zap runs if you:
    • Change the app, trigger, or action used in the Zap to a new version of the same app, trigger, or action that's comparable to the previous version you were using.
    • Change fields within the Zap, you can replay failed steps.
  • If you turn off autoreplay, Zapier will disable all scheduled future attempts to replay failed actions even if you turn autoreplay back on before the next attempt.
  • If a step is held because of an expired app connection, any scheduled replays will not replay the step until you reconnect your app.


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