Learn about "Zap has diverged too much" errors in Zaps

You may see the following error in your Zap history:

Task was stopped because its Zap has diverged too much due to changes in the addition/removal/ordering of steps, or substitution of apps.

When you replay an errored Zap run, the current Zap setup is compared to the Zap setup at the time the Zap run was originally initiated. This error occurs when you:

  1. Make significant changes to your Zap after it runs.
  2. Attempt to replay the Zap run.

Significant changes can include changes to:

  • The order or number of steps in the Zap.
  • The apps used in the Zap.

You cannot replay these Zap runs even if you revert the Zap back to its previous setup.

miscEye icon Note

If an attempt to replay a Zap run fails due to this error, Zapier will not send an error notification after the attempt. It will only send an error notification when the initial Zap run fails. You can use replay entire Zap instead.

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