Can't turn on or publish Zap

If you’re having trouble turning on or publishing your Zap, it could be due to one of the following issues:

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If specific error messages are appearing in the editor, refer to Zapier’s error reference guide.

1. Zap has incomplete steps

If your Zap is missing steps (e.g., a trigger step or action step) or doesn’t have all the required fields filled out, it cannot be turned on or published. In the Zap editor, a warning icon will appear in the upper left of a Zap step that’s incomplete. To turn the Zap on or publish it, complete the step or fill in the required fields.

Incomplete Zap step warning

If you're unable to complete a step because you can't successfully test the step, learn what to do if sample data won't load.

2. App accounts are not connected

If the app accounts used in your Zap aren’t properly connected, your Zap cannot be turned on or published. To check if there are issues with your app account connections from the editor:

  • After selecting an app and event, select the account you want to use.
  • If the account is disconnected, you'll see a warning message.
  • Click Please reconnect it here and follow the instructions to reconnect your account.

Example of a disconnected app account.


  • In your Zapier account, navigate to My Apps in the upper navigation menu.
  • In the My Connections section, locate the apps used in your Zap.
  • To check if your app account is properly connected, click Test. One of two messages will appear:
    • Success!: your app account is properly connected to your Zapier account.
    • Not Working: Zapier is having trouble getting authorization to connect to your app account. To view more information about the error message Zapier is receiving, click See Details. To fix the connection, click Reconnect.

Example of a disconnected app account

If your app account is still not properly connected to Zapier after you try to reconnect it, contact support for further assistance.

3. Connected app limitations

Some apps require a paid subscription in order to use their API. If you’re not on a paid subscription for these apps, it will affect your ability to use them in Zaps. Any known app limitations or restrictions are documented in the app’s “How to Get Started” article.

4. Zapier account limitations

If you’re on a free Zapier plan, there are two key limitations that can prevent Zaps from being turned on or published:

  • Your Zap uses a premium app. If you’re unsure if you’re using a premium app in your Zap, refer to the premium apps page.
  • Your Zap is a multi-step Zap, which has more than one action step.

Both premium apps and multi-step Zaps are features that require a paid Zapier plan. Learn more about Zapier’s pricing plans.

If you’re on either a free or paid Zapier plan and have reached the maximum number of live Zaps for your plan, you won’t be able to turn on or publish more Zaps. Each plan has a limit to the number of Zaps that can be turned on at a given time. To find your plan's limits:

  • In the upper right of your Zapier account, click your avatar. The number of Zaps used and Zap limit will be displayed along with the menu.

If you’ve reached your Zap limit, you must upgrade your plan before you can publish or turn on additional Zaps.

5. Your draft is identical to the published Zap

If your Zap has a draft, the Publish button will remain grayed out (disabled) and display Update to publish if the draft is identical to the currently published Zap.

If you make changes to your draft, the Publish button will be enabled. You can also discard the draft by clicking Action: trashDelete draft at the top right of the screen.

If you’re still unable to turn on or publish your Zap after taking these troubleshooting steps, contact support for further assistance.

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