Rate limits for Zapier Tables and Zaps

When you use Zapier Tables with Zaps, if a large number of actions occur within a short time span, they are throttled (limited) to reduce their frequency. This is known as rate limiting. These limitations exist to ensure that Zapier's infrastructure can serve all customers efficiently.


Zap steps that use other apps have different rate limits. Learn more about throttling and rate limits for Zaps.


Rate limits 

Rate limits apply whenever a table is used together with a Zap. A Tables step in a Zap can perform a maximum of: 

  • 300 requests per minute.
  • 100 requests every 5 seconds. 

Rate limits apply for each Zap and table combination. If you have three Zaps linked to the same table, each Zap has its own limit. If they run at the same time, they can perform a total of 900 requests per minute and 300 requests every 5 seconds, combined.


What happens if a limit is exceeded

If a Zap step exceeds the rate limits, you will see an error message in the Zap run letting you know how long to wait before you can retry. If you use autoreplay with your Zaps, it will automatically retry your steps.

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