Tax applied to Zapier charges

Zapier is required to collect any applicable taxes as required by local laws. Depending on your location, you may be charged taxes when paying for Zapier products. Prices shown on our website do not include tax. 

You can see tax is applied to any Zapier purchase during the payment process or in any invoice. 


View tax rates during the payment process

You can see the tax rate that will be applied when you are paying for a Zapier product before completing the transaction. Once you add your payment method, the purchase total will be displayed on the right sidebar, and the tax amount will be below it.




US sales tax

US customers may be subject to state and local sales taxes. The postal code entered during the payment process determines if you are subject to tax.


View tax rates for past purchases

You can see the tax rate applied to any previous purchases in your invoices. To see a specific invoice: 

  • Go to the billing and usage page. 
  • In the Invoices section, click View Details for the specific invoice. 

Learn more about your invoices.


Request tax exemption

If you believe your account should be exempt from tax, learn how to request tax exemption for your Zapier account.

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