Understand your Zapier account

Your Zapier account gives you access to all the automation features Zapier offers: Zaps, Tables, Interfaces, Canvas, and Chatbot. With tools that ensure security and granular data management, you can trust Zapier with all of your business-critical workflows. Learn how to manage your:

  • Plans, usage, and billing
  • User profile
  • Email and error notifications
  • Security and data

Plans, usage, and billing

You can get a quick view of your plan and usage from the left sidebar on the main page of each Zapier feature. There, you’ll see:

  • Your task and Zap usage.
  • When your billing cycle resets.
  • A link to manage your plan.

Learn more about how to select the right Zapier plan for your needs.

User profile

The My Profile page allows you to make changes to the email address and password you use to log in, your name, company, role, and time zone. 

Email and error notifications

Update your notification settings to ensure you get the emails you want to receive from Zapier. 

  • Activity summary emails: receive a summary of all the workflows automated by Zapier.
  • Error notifications: stay informed when your workflows run into issues.
    • You can also use Zapier Manager to monitor your Zaps for even more control of your Zapier activity notifications.
  • Email subscriptions: receive emails for things like research opportunities, events, webinars, and product updates.

Learn how to manage your account email notification preferences and error notifications.


Security and data management

Zapier provides options to keep your business-critical workflows secure and your data private. 

Security features available to all accounts:

Additional enterprise-grade security for accounts on Enterprise plans:

Manage your account data privacy:

Learn more about security and compliance at Zapier.


Data retention

Zapier's Data Retention, deletion, and export practices vary depending on the product. Learn more about the specific guidelines for the product you're using.


Team and Enterprise account management

It’s easy to consolidate all Zapier users at your organization under one account when you sign up for a Team or Enterprise plan. This makes it easy to manage all members from a single account.

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