Manage your Zapier account profile

Your Zapier account profile consists of basic data about you, including your name, profile picture, company, role, and timezone. In your profile settings, you can manage the following:

  • Name: the first name (required) and last name (optional) used in your Zapier account.
  • Profile picture: Zapier uses Gravatar to set your profile picture. Gravatar is a service that associates an avatar image with your email address across the web. To update or change your profile picture, change your Gravatar image.
  • Company and role: optional fields you can add to your profile. Zapier uses this information to recommend Zaps and apps to you based on what others in similar industries and roles use.
  • Timezone: used to display and interpret times in Zapier. For example, the time displayed for each Zap run in Zap History is in your account timezone. This defaults to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) if no timezone is set here.
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