Create views in Zapier Tables

Views in Zapier Tables display subsets of a table's data. When you create a table, you are looking at the default view. By using views, you can filter specific records and hide fields without affecting the default view. This can be useful if you want specific users to only have access to part of the data. Learn how to create a table.


Create a view

All tables have a default view. When you create a new one, its name will be visible at the top left corner of the screen.

To add a new view:

  1. From the Tables dashboard, click the table name. Learn how to create a new table.
  2. On the left sidebar, click the Views icon
  3. The Views sidebar will open. Click Create View.
  4. Fill out the View Name field. You can also add a description.
  5. Click Create.

Once the view is created, you can change visible information by filtering and sorting records and hiding fields.


All views are connected to the default view. Editing a record or field in one view will change it in all views.


Filter records

  1. On the sidebar, click the Filters icon . The sidebar will expand.
  2. Click Add filter.
  3. On the Field dropdown menu, select the field to filter by.
  4. On the Filter Options dropdown menu, select the operation.
  5. Depending on the operation, enter a value in the text field, or select an option from the dropdown menu that will appear.

To remove a filter:

  1. Click the Remove filter icon.
    • Remove all filters by clicking the Remove all button.

Learn how filters work in Zapier Tables.


Sort records

    1. Click the header of the field you want to sort by.
    2. In the dropdown menu, click Ascending or Descending.

    To clear sorting:

    1. Click the header of the field that is currently used to sort the table.
    2. In the dropdown menu, click Clear sort.

When no sorting is used, the table will show records by order of inclusion. This may be different from the sorting used on the default view.


Hide fields

  1. On the sidebar, click the Hide Fields icon
  2. The sidebar will expand.
  3. Clear the checkbox associated with any field you want to hide. 
    • You can use the search box to find the field you need.

You can update field visibility in bulk using the Show all and Hide all buttons.



Only the owner of a table and users with the role "Editor" can create and edit views. If you share a view with someone using the "View only" role, the person will not have access to other views or the original table. Learn more about Tables permissions.


Users with "Editor" role can make changes to records, and these changes will affect other views. 

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