Manage permissions in Zapier Tables

Zapier Tables allow you to give viewing, editing, or building access to a specific table.


Share a table

You can create a public sharing link for your tables. If you have a Teams or Companies account, you can share your tables directly with other members in your Zapier account. 

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Sharing public links to tables is a feature available on Tables Premium. Learn more about Tables pricing

To share a table:

  1. In the top navigation of the table, click Share.
  2. Click Create a shareable link. This creates a public sharing link for that table.
    • In the dropdown menu, select a permission setting.
    • Click the link icon to copy it to the clipboard.
  3. If you're on a Team or Company account, you can search for a user, team, or account by name. 
    • In the Organization access section, click the dropdown menu and, select a permission setting.
  4. Copy the link by clicking the link icon .
  5. Click Close.


Roles and permissions

Tables Premium has four roles:

Role name Permissions
Owner The user who created the table. Edit fields, settings, records, and create Zaps. 
Builder Edit fields, settings, records, and create Zaps. 
Editor Create, edit, and delete records.
View only View and export records.


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  • On Tables Basic, only "Editor" and "View only" roles are available.
  • When you share a table with another user, they will not have access to any Zaps that use the table. If you are on a Teams or Companies plan, share the Zap folder with that user. 
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