Types of components in Zapier Interfaces

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Zapier Interfaces is a beta product. It’s available for use, but still in active development and may change. You can build your own project today at interfaces.zapier.com.

In Zapier Interfaces, you can add components to your pages. Components allow you to add different types of functionalities to an Interfaces page. 


The form component allows you to collect user information and store it in Zapier Tables. You can also send the information to other apps with a Zap. Learn more about forms in Zapier Interfaces.


A text component allows you to add text to any space in the project. You can use Markdown to style the contents of the text component. You can also use information from a previous page to customize your component. Learn more about using form data within a text component.



Table components allow you to display structured information that can be searched, filtered, and updated. All Tables are stored on Zapier Tables

You must select an existing table from your Zapier Tables account. You can change the title that is displayed on the interface and can decide if you want to allow visitors to add new records to the table or edit and delete existing ones.

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You can select any tables you own or have been given "Builder" permission to. Learn more about Zapier Tables permissions.


Kanban components are based on Zapier Tables and help track the progress of projects based on statuses. 

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Tables must contain one dropdown field to be used in Kanban components.

Link cards

Create a collection of links for your visitors. Each card is composed of a link and description. You can also add an emoji to differentiate the cards visually.

AI prompt

This component allows you to create an AI-powered no-code form that provides information to visitors based on custom input fields. You can create fields and specify public websites as sources of content for the AI. It will then use the visitor's input and the sources of content to provide the visitor with the information they need.

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On October 5, 2023, the AI Prompt component will no longer be available in Zapier Interfaces. Before that date, you should remove them from any of your active workflows. This change does not affect Chatbot components.


Create a custom chat experience for your visitors that can be embedded on your own website. Learn more about the chatbot component.


A horizontal line that helps separate and organize content on the page. You can change the padding and the width of the line.


Add images, videos, or your business logo to an Interfaces project. 


You can upload the image or paste an URL and change the height, width, alignment, and how it aligns with other page contents. The maximum file size is 10MB. 


You can change the width and alignment of the video. Currently, this component only supports YouTube links.


If you have an Interfaces Premium account, you can display your logo on the page.

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