Personalize text components with user details

You can use managed user details to personalize different components of your interface. The code snippets below allow you to customize components to display a user's ID, email, or name. 

Managed user information Code snippet to use
ID {{}}
Email {{}}
Name {{}}



The ID is a unique string of letters and numbers automatically assigned when a user is created in an interface and cannot be changed.

Text component Form component

Text component

  1. From the Interfaces home, click the title of your interface.
  2. On the pages view, select the page that has your text component.
  3. Click your text component to expand the right sidebar.
  4. In the Content field, enter a code snippet for the field you want to display. 
    • Repeat this step for each field you want to use.
  5. Changes will be automatically saved and reflected on the preview.



The space where you place the managed user information will display the default text while editing your page.


If your interface does not have managed users, you can personalize components using form content.

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