Create Zap versions

You can create multiple versions of a Zap, all viewable in the sidebar of the Zap editor. 

Create a new Zap version

Zap drafts automatically appear in the Versions section of the Zap editor sidebar. When you publish the draft, a dialog box will appear to create an optional description of the version for reference. Once published, the following information will appear for the version in the sidebar and top menu in the Editor:

  • The name of the user who published the version.
  • An auto-generated version number.
  • The date and time that the user published the version.
  • A title of the version, if the user created one (sidebar only).


Plan requirements

Version history for your Zaps is available from September 27, 2022 onward. This feature is available to users on paid Zapier plans, with the following version history timeframes:

Plan Version history length
Free No version history
Starter Versions created within 1 week
Pro Versions created within 1 month
Team Versions created within 6 months
Company Unlimited version history

If you upgrade your plan, your version history will increase to your new plan limits.

actionEdit icon Example

For example, if a user upgrades from a Pro plan to a Team plan, their version history will increase from 1 month to 6 months. 

miscEye icon Note

If you're on a Team or Company plan, any member that has access to a Zap can view previous versions of the Zap.

Duplicating and exporting Zaps

When duplicating or exporting Zaps, versions are not included.

Editing and deleting versions

Versions can't be changed or deleted. When you publish edits to your Zap, they are saved as a new version.

Learn more about versions in the Zapier Community.

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