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Domain insights and account capture are only available on the Zapier for Companies plan. Only owners and admins with one or more verified domains can use this feature.

Domain insights show admins how many individual users have created individual Zapier accounts using a work email address on their verified domains.

Domain insights and account capture help team admins:

  • See who has a Zapier account and whether they have verified their email address and enabled two-factor authentication.
  • Prevent unauthorized usage of Zapier on a company domain.
  • Ensure the entire company is paid for under a single account.

1. Verify domain ownership

  • Go to your domain settings.
  • Click Add domain.
  • If your domain is hosted with Google, click Verify with Google. If not, click Verify manually.
    • There are three options to verify your domain: DNS TXT Record, Meta Tag on Website, and HTML file. Pick the option that works best for you and follow the inline instructions.
    • Depending on the method you select, it can take up to 72 hours for the change to be reflected.
  • You can attempt to verify your domain once per day. If an attempt fails, you'll be able to try again in 24 hours.

You can repeat these steps for any additional domains your company owns.

2. View and export all registered users on your domains

Once you verify one or more domains, you'll be able to see a list of members that have Zapier accounts.

  • Go to your domain settings.
  • Click the verified domain.
  • For each member, you’ll be able to see whether they’ve confirmed their email address, enabled multi-factor authentication, joined your account, lifetime task usage, and the date they joined.
  • To download a CSV of this list, click the cloud icon. You’ll be sent an email once your report is finished.

3. Manage who can join your Company account

Once you verify one or more domains, you'll be able to manage which users can join your account.

  • Go to your organization settings.
  • Click the Access dropdown menu. Here, you can select one of the following options:
    • Anyone at a verified domain can join: This is the default option. Anyone who signs up at one of your verified domains will automatically be added to your Company account.
    • Anyone at a verified domain can request access: Anyone who signs up at one of your verified domains will be able to see that you have a company account and will be able to request an invite. Invite requests show at the top of the member list below and require an admin to approve the invite.
    • Only invited users: Only members you invite by email will be able to join your Company account.

4. Delete unverified domains

5. Frequently asked questions

How do I check if a domain has been verified?

You can check the status of your domain verification in your security settings.

  • Verified domains are marked with green circles and Verified tags.
  • Unverified domains are marked with yellow circles and Need verification tags.

A view of verified and unverified domains.

To verify a domain:

  • Select the domain.
  • To verify the domain manually, click Verify manually.
  • If you’re a G Suite user, click Verify with Google to verify the domain automatically.

Once a domain is verified, you’ll see a list of members for that domain, as well as information about each member’s Zapier account:

- Whether their email address is confirmed
- Whether they are an existing member in your Company account and if they have a separate account on Zapier
- Whether multi-factor authentication (MFA) is enabled
- The number of tasks used in their other Zapier account
- When they created their other Zapier account

Does Zapier periodically verify domains?

No, Zapier does not periodically verify domains. DNS record checks may be cached by a nameserver, so checking frequently may result in a false negative.

How many domains can I very?

You can verify up to 150 domains. This is a security limit to prevent abuse like spamming.

Can I de-verify a domain so I can add a new domain?

No, domains cannot be de-verified at this time. If you need more help with your domains, contact support.

I see an error message: "Verification request already submitted for this domain.”

You will see this error message if your domain has been verified in another Zapier account. A domain can only be verified in one Zapier account.

If you need further assistance, reach out to the Premier Support team.

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