Create drafts of your Zaps

Drafts allow you to make changes to a Zap without turning it off. Once you’re happy with the changes, you can publish the draft and it will replace the existing Zap.

When you create a draft of a Zap, you can:

  • Save the draft and edit it later.
  • Edit the draft while the Zap continues to run.
  • Publish the draft to replace the current zap.

Create a draft of an existing Zap

When you go to the Zap editor, you’ll see you are in read-only mode. To start a draft:

  • Click Edit Zap.
  • You can click Save & exit draft at any time to go back to read-only mode. A (has draft) label will be added to the name of your Zap. Drafts are also automatically saved as you work on them.
  • You can also discard the draft by clicking the three dots iconNav: more horiz at the top right of the screen and selecting Discard draft.
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When you reopen a Zap, it will be shown in read-only mode. If you click Edit Zap, you’ll be prompted to continue editing the draft or discard it. Discarding a draft is permanent and no changes are made to the existing Zap.

How to publish a draft

To publish your draft, click Publish, in the Zap editor. This will replace the original Zap.

If your Zap is off but has a draft, you’ll be asked if you want to publish the existing Zap or the draft.

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If the Publish button is greyed out and doesn't allow you to publish the draft, one of the steps may need attention.

Create a draft of a new Zap

After you create a new Zap, if you leave the Zap editor, a dialog box will appear. You can:

  • Save draft to keep the current draft.
  • Discard draft to discard the current draft.
  • Cancel to continue editing your draft.

If you have any questions or feedback about drafts, contact Zapier Support.

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