Use line items in Zaps

To use line items in your Zap, line items must be supported in both your trigger and action. If your trigger doesn’t support line items, you can use Formatter to create line items after setting up your trigger.

1. Identify your trigger’s line item fields

Line items must be provided by the trigger or a previous action in your Zap.

  • In the Zap editor, click the Trigger step.
  • In the Test tab:
    • If you haven’t tested your trigger, click Test trigger.
    • In the search box, search for line items or lines to confirm that your trigger sends line items.
  • Click Continue.

Line items in trigger

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Some apps have similar triggers, but some may not support line items. Some trigger events specify that they support line items. If your trigger doesn’t support line items, try a different trigger.

If there is no alternative trigger that supports line items, you can use Formatter to create line items from your trigger data.

2. Set up your action to use line items

Triggers can only send line items to actions that support them. If an action supports line items, it may not support line items in all fields. Fields that accept line items will be in a separate, indented section.

Fields that accept and don’t accept line items

To set up your action to use line items:

  • In the Action tab, scroll to the Line Items sub-A.
  • Click the dropdown menu for a field, then select a line item from your trigger step.
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The name of the indented section may not be Line Items. The name used will vary by app.

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To use custom values in line item dropdown fields, use a lookup table to map line items to the specific ID/Name you want to use as a custom value.

If you need additional help using line items in your Zaps, contact Zapier support.

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