Can’t find trigger event

If you can’t find the event you’re looking for when you set up your Zap trigger, it might be due to one of the following issues.

1. Action app selected instead of trigger app

A trigger is an event that starts a Zap, and an action is an event a Zap performs.

For example, you might want your Zap to send a follow-up email in Gmail to participants who submit a SurveyMonkey survey response. In this Zap, the trigger app is SurveyMonkey (where the survey response is submitted), and the action app is Gmail (where the follow-up email is sent).

If you’ve accidentally selected the app you want to use in an action in your trigger, change the app in the App & Event tab of your trigger step.

2. Trigger event isn’t available

While most common events that occur in an app can be selected as trigger events, there may be some events that aren’t currently available or supported by Zapier.

If you can’t find the trigger event you’re looking for, try changing your trigger app to a different app with similar functionality and see if the trigger event is available for that app.

If you still need help with finding or choosing a trigger event, contact Zapier support.

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