Fix timeout errors in Zaps

A timeout error, or a message that your request has timed out, means that the app Zapier is trying to connect to is taking too long to respond. Timeout issues will often resolve on their own after a few hours, as they’re usually a result of a temporary maintenance or outage issue with the app. For announcements on outages, maintenance, or downtime, refer to the app’s status page.

1. Replay your Zap runs

If you have Autoreplay turned on, Zapier will automatically try to replay the Zap run in intervals at a later time.

If you don’t have Autoreplay turned on, it’s recommended to wait a few hours for any server issues with the app to pass. Then, you can manually replay Zap runs that experienced timeout errors:

  • Go to your Zap History.
  • In the upper left, use the dropdown menus to filter Zap runs that experienced timeout errors and are Stopped / Errored.
  • Click the name of a Zap run that was stopped for a timeout error.
  • In the upper right, click Replay Zap run to run the Zap again.

To replay failed Zap runs in bulk:

  • In the upper left, click the checkbox dropdown menu and select Select all (5,000 at a time).
  • To replay all the selected Zap runs, click Action: playPlay [x].

2. Reconnect your app account

Your app account may need to be reconnected to Zapier in order to refresh your settings. When you see a timeout error, it’s best to reconnect your app account to Zapier after a few hours.

3. Check your action limits

If the size of a file you’re trying to send in an action step is too large, timeout errors may occur. Check that the size of the file you’re trying to send is within the limits of the action app.

If the timeout error still persists, contact Zapier support.

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