Zap filters aren't working properly


Your Zap contains a filter, but it does not follow the conditions of the filter when it runs. As a result, the rest of the Zap does not run as expected. The Zap run status shows as Filtered in the Zap history.

In your Zap run, you may see also (missing value) where the field data should be.



This can happen for different reasons:

  • Mismatched field data: When the field data changes since you set up the Zap (e.g. due to a field name modification), this creates a mismatch.
  • Missing data: If no data was sent from the previous step to Zapier, this can cause an unmapped field. This will appear in the Zap run as (missing value)
  • Incorrect filter condition: Your filter condition did not match your intended goal. For example, you selected AND+ when you meant to have selected OR+.


How to fix it

To fix this issue:

  1. View the Zap run details. In the trigger or action step where the mapped field comes from, review the Data Out tab to see how the data was sent to Zapier. If you see (missing value), you’ll need to remap your fields.
  2. Review the Filter and path rules in Zaps. Check if your filter follows the right rule based on the type of data. For example, certain filter rules work better with text, while others are meant for numbers.
  3. Test your Zap: Get a new test record and re-test your filter to ensure it works as expected with the correct mapped fields.


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