Use the Facebook Lead Ads testing tool to create sample leads

If you need to create a sample lead in Facebook Lead Ads, you can use the Facebook Lead Ads testing tool.

  1. Go to the Facebook Leads Ads testing tool.​​
  2. Select your Page & Form.
  3. Click Delete Lead to delete the current sample.
  4. Click Preview Form.
  5. Fill out your form.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Then, click the Track Status button.
  8. Review the section below Track Status for any errors or messages.
miscEye icon Note

Deleting your current sample doesn't delete live leads. It only deletes the sample lead created by Facebook.

If the tool reports a 103 error - CRM access has been revoked from Lead Access Manager, this means that Zapier needs to be given access again. In this case, reset the Facebook Leads Access CRM permissions.

Once that's done, create a new connection for Facebook Lead Ads, to ensure the Zap gets the most recent set of permissions​​​​.

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