Common Problems with Notion

My databases are not listed in the dropdown menu

Zapier can only access any databases that have been shared with your bot integration.

  1. In Notion, click "Settings & Members" on the left sidebar. 
  2. In the dialog box, click "My Connections".
  3. Click the "..." next to the Zapier Connection.
  4. Select "Access selected pages" in the dropdown menu, and ensure that the page you want to access is checked.

When creating a database item, I’m getting an error about an invalid option

When using field types “Tags”, “Select”, or “Multi-select”, the tags or options used need to be created in the database in advance. Go back to the database in Notion and add the tag or options to a database item first.

I can't see all fields

The following Notion field types are not supported:

  • Files and media
  • Formulas
  • Relations
  • Rollups
  • Status

If you have fields that belong to one of these field types, they won't appear in Zapier.

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