Finding and Updating Rows in Google Sheets

You can update a row dynamically in Google Sheets by adding two actions to your Zap:

  • A Lookup Spreadsheet Row search action to find the correct row.
  • An Update Spreadsheet Row action to update the row found.

Set up the search action

  • In the Zap editor, select and set up your trigger app.
  • Click the plus + icon to add an action step.
  • Search for and select Google Sheets.
  • Click the Event dropdown menu and select Lookup Spreadsheet Row.
  • In the Lookup Column dropdown field, select the column in your spreadsheet you want the Zap to search.
  • In the Lookup Value dropdown field, select the value that the Zap should search for. You can select information from a previous step.
  • Click Continue.

Set up for the Lookup Spreadsheet Row step

Optional: define the direction of the search

By default, the Zap will start the search at the bottom of the spreadsheet, but you can search from the top by selecting the option False on the Bottom-Up dropdown menu. The Zap will only return the first row it finds, regardless of the direction of search.

Optional: use two columns in the search step

You can select an additional column to ensure the Zap finds the correct row in the spreadsheet. When the fields Supporting Lookup Column and Supporting Lookup Value are used, the Zap will only find a row that matches the values on both columns.

miscEye icon Note

By using the Should This Step Be Considered A "success" When Nothing Is Found? field you can define if the Zap will skip other steps or continue if no matching row is found.

You can also create a new row if none is found.

Update the row

Once the search step is completed, you can use the row ID from that step to update that specific row.

  • Click the plus + icon to add another action step.
  • Search for and select Google Sheets.
  • Click the Event dropdown menu and select Update Spreadsheet Row.
  • In the Row dropdown menu, click the Custom tab.
  • Select Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets, then select the ID field.
  • Click Continue.

You can now map the information from the trigger step or another action step, and the Zap will update the selected row.

miscEye icon Note

The Update Spreadsheet Row step can only update one row per Zap run.

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